“25 Snack, The Italian Jerky”

25: the number of Christmas, of rebirth, of the return to light

25: like the 25 grams of meat in the sachet

25: as 25 ° C, maximum storage temperature

25: like the sachets of Italian Jerky contained in an exhibitor

25: like the sailors of Fortuna Trionfante

25: like Fortuna Trionfante sailors!

25: like the recipes yet to come!

tradizionale25 Tradizionale


It is the recipe closest to tradition: cayenne red pepper, black pepper and salt characterize this version. The chili is present, not aggressive, but delicate.

smoked paprika

25 Smoked Paprika


This recipe is characterized by black Sarawak pepper and Hungarian smoked sweet paprika. A slight smoky sensation is due to the spice, giving character and elegance to the product.


25 Delicato

This version has an inspiration linked to the world of Belgian beer. La Blanche is a typical beer made with wheat, coriander and orange peel. Our recipe uses white pepper to recreate the spicy sensation of yeast in beer, while the coriander recalls the citrus scents of beer.

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